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Trina WinTch, M.ED.


Reading & Learning Specialist

Reading, learning and going to school can and should be joyful experiences.

Trina is a Reading and Learning Specialist with a private practice in San Francisco and the East Bay.  She works with students of all ages and abilities to improve literacy skills, build self-esteem and discover the joy of reading.  Her specialty is working with students with dyslexia, using a multisensory approach to demystify the processes of reading, writing and spelling.

Using a highly individualized and nurturing approach, she provides specialized support in the areas of:

  • Phonemic and phonological awareness
  • Decoding and spelling
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading fluency​
  • Writing: fluency, organization and mechanics
  • Low motivation to read/resistance to reading​
  • Learning and organizational strategies

​Trina loves helping students who have had educational challenges begin to experience the joy and satisfaction that come with reading and learning, and to see parents’ relief when their child begins to enjoy learning again.  She believes a holistic approach is most effective, with all parties involved in the child’s learning in communication.