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Trina WinTch, M.ED.


 Trina has been tutoring our daughter for a little over 2 months now.  The change has been amazing. She had difficulty reading and writing at the beginning of her 1st grade school year.  Now she reads at her grade level and even more advanced books on her own.  She is also more interested in books in general.  Her confidence has grown overall and it's showing up at school, where she is more involved, relating to her teacher better, and having fun with other students.  What a great job Trina has done, thank you!

-The Osborns, San Francisco

Trina has been my son’s writing tutor over this past year. She has been working with him to develop a sense of the writing and editing process, a process particularly grueling for Max, who is dyslexic.  Max attended Charles Armstrong School for three years (2nd through 4th grade). Thanks to his time at Armstrong, Max’s reading skills are very strong, yet he still needs tremendous support with his writing. I am very pleased to have discovered Trina. She has a very gentle way of leading Max through what are, for him, truly daunting exercises. She works patiently yet insistently with him and has managed to break down his tendency to resist and avoid writing in general, a truly commendable accomplishment.  I strongly recommend Trina as a learning specialist and tutor, given her experience, her tenacity and her amiable nature.

-Cherie, San Francisco

Our son is growing to be a wonderful reader and both my husband and I are thrilled about it!

-Sylvia, San Francisco